Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Begining.....

Welcome to the 2009 Field Season. I am hoping to publish weekly posts and provide updates both on our scientific progress and the evolution of social interaction between our team members (the gossip stuff is sometimes more entertaining then the actual work....). I will strive to find a balance and will ask our students to review the blog and post their comments. I hope this new format (for me) will be more interactive and allow all of you to enjoy the great adventure that is field archaeology.
The images above are of the sites of Millo II and III. This area is where we will focus most of our research activities for this season.
Good hunting for everyone out there,
Ran Boytner


  1. Ran, great to see you will run this blog. I am looking forward to the updates! --Ansgar (aka Anouk's World)

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